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Delight your tummy with yummy microgreens grown ultra local to you!

Our Micro Salads

At Vertical shoots urban farms, we grow unique varieties of micro salads which are not usually seen in the super markets.
Our aim is to give our customers a different and enjoyable experience of having their everyday salads. When eating salads in important for your well being, why not make it exciting!
Our product range

For @home consumers:
We have salad mix boxes stocked in shops and we do direct home deliveries.
For restaurants, cafes and bistros:
We supply specific micro varieties based on your need.

Please contact us to know more.

Vertical shoots offer wide variety of microgreens filled with rich flavours to cater to your needs.


For mor product details and price list  please contact us.

Varrie Watson

(Home Subscription Customer)

Excellent service from day one when enquired about the product and delivery. Easy subscription and recurrent invoice. Delivery every week without fail and option to pause for holidays etc. Excellent quality product which lasts for days keeping its freshness compared to shop bought salads. Extremely tasty and great addition to meals for nutritional benefit.



Westhill, Aberdeenshire


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Offering fresh and hand crafted

blend of healthy and delicious Micro salads produced in the heart of


Micro salad mixes delivered straight to your door

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