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Sangria radish 2.JPG

Sangria Radish

Strong peppery punch.

Red giant mustard 2.JPG

Red Giant Mustard

A combo of sweet and slightly peppery  

Peashoots 2.JPG

Micro Pea Shoots

Exact copy of pea like flavour

Mizuna 2.JPG

Micro Mizuna

Mild and light peppery

VS Logo.001.jpeg

Red Russian Kale

Bold green leaves with a subtle sweet taste

Yellow chard 2.JPG

Swiss Chard

Earthy microgreen with a tangy touch in taste.]trace

Watercress 2.JPG

Micro Watercress

Refreshing flavour with mild  peppery piquancy.

Fenugreek 2.JPG

Micro Fenugreek

Beautiful microgreen with bitter notes.

VS Logo.001.jpeg

Micro Beet

Beautiful contrasting colours with distinctive earthy flavour and crunchy yet juicy texture.

Kohlrabhi 2.JPG

Kohlrabi Purple Vienna

Signature cabbage family's sweet but peppery profile.

VS Logo.001.jpeg

Micro Coriander

Delicate citrus tones shadowed by a punchy aromatic flavor.

VS Logo.001.jpeg

Micro Cabbage

A strong brassica flavour.

VS Logo.001.jpeg

Micro Broccoli

Fresh,crisp and earthy flavour.

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Red lace mustard 2.JPG

Red lace mustard

A bright peppery microgreen with traces of sweetness.

Radish Rioja 2.JPG

Radish (Rioja)

Colourful and peppery radish flavour.


Micro Nasturtium (Blue Pepe)

Beautifully structured leaves with a fiery bang.